How Would I Like To Be Married To Me?

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Not perfect, but perhaps a “Good Enough” marriage?

There are no problem-free marriages, such as exist in the RomCom movies or books. But… a good enough marriage is one in which the spouses try to talk to each other about problems that arise and seek solutions and compromises before those problems become overwhelming.

In such a marriage, there is a desire to assume personal responsibility and work on building a stronger relationship. When blame, shame, and accusations are used in any relationship, dysfunction and pain, emerge.

If children are involved, divorce and constant fights break their hearts and often damage their self-confidence.

As a Parent Educator, I have worked with families in crisis. If parents can invest in the marriage and family, everyone will benefit.


A Good Enough Marriage

Before problems become overwhelming, parents and partners need to talk about issues that arise and seek solutions and compromises. There are always two sides to every story, and as functioning adults, we need to assume personal responsibility for our choices and behaviors.

In my family relations workshops, I often hear people on their second or third marriage confess, “If I had put as much effort into my first marriage as I am investing in making this one succeed,” they say, “I could have made it work.”

Assuming personal responsibility in all our decisions and actions makes for a better relationship, family and world.

I encourage you to journal about this quote and really recognize “How Would I Like To Be Married To Me?”
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3 reviews for How Would I Like To Be Married To Me?

  1. Alyssa

    “Judy, thank you for the class tonight. Although we were court appointed to come, I think you have given us much to think about. We were both so angry that we didn’t want to look at our own part in the arguments. I am glad you reminded us of what divorce does to kids.” Jamie, a participant in court appointed parenting classes

  2. Alyssa

    Wow. All I could think about was what a [email protected]@@@@d my husband was and how much pain he had caused me. I really had never examined how it would feel to be married to me. Hopefully, we are ready for counseling for our whole family. TRS, a participant in court appointed parenting class

  3. Alyssa

    I am still angry, but you made me reflect on how I felt when my parents divorced. If we still can’t overcome his infidelity, then we will go to divorce counseling and try to be better parents. S.K, a participant in court appointed parenting classes

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