Humorous but Powerful Reminders for Family


A beautifully designed, motivational poster ready to frame or hang as is.

8.5 by 11 inches high-quality printing and laminated for immediate installation, which family members can see daily.  Just the right size and just the right price.

Can you imagine this gentle reminder displayed in your kitchen, family room or bathroom?

Yes, you can hang it in the shower.
We have ours right by the front door.

This is an openhearted reminder to strengthen the family and teach about courtesy and kindness without nagging or long lectures. Strong and resilient families treat others as they would like to be treated. Lessons gained in the home can carry on in all aspects of life.

Although presented humorously, the message is straightforward and clear about how to treat others we meet daily.

After all, don’t we all like to be around those who are pleasant to live with?

Blessed are those who are pleasant to live with!

Home should be the safest place in the world. Safe from physical harm, of course, but also from trash-talking and unpleasant interactions.

That means safety for everyone, not just those with power and authority.

Often, parents and children say and do things to the family they would never do to their friends and classmates.

Can you see yourself pointing to the poster rather than nagging about poor attitudes again and again and again and again? (Been there, done that!)

Boundaries reduce confusion and build character.

Families (and workplaces) thrive on consistency and knowing what is expected of them. As caring adults, we must be careful not to say one thing and model another. If we are cranky and lose our temper frequently, it teaches things to our children;

  • Fear-Stay out of our way. We have all the power and demand obedience. (Never a good choice for a safe and harmonious home)
  • Permission– We can be as cranky and rude as we want. (as long as no one catches us)
  • Example- “Well, you yelled at me, so I can yell at my sister”
  • Confusion-“Wait a minute, you can be rude, but I can’t? That makes little sense.


Assurance of Comfort and Safety

Actions speak louder than words, but words can be deadly to the hearts and minds of the family. Gentle reminders of “house rules” can be life-changing for all who see and act on the words- Blessed are those who are pleasant to live with.

The courteous and happier family members will delight you when they and you are reminded to be pleasant to live with.

PS: If you want more guidance on teaching your family to assume personal responsibility, please go to

You will be glad you did.


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  1. Alyssa

    Judy Helm Wright is a wonderful Parent Educator. Our professional day-care providers ask for her to return each year for our trainings.

    Cindy, MDCA

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