Kindness Begins With Me


The message is simple but powerful: “Kindness Begins With Me.”

Looking for a daily reminder to spread kindness? Look no further than this beautiful motivational poster!

Measuring 8.5 by 11 inches, this poster features a stunning design with vibrant colors that will brighten up any space. The poster is laminated, ensuring its longevity and making it easy to clean.

By hanging this poster in your home, office, or classroom, you’ll be reminded to always approach others with empathy, compassion, and an open heart.

Whether you’re looking for a daily affirmation or a gentle reminder to be kinder to those around you, this poster is the perfect addition to any space.


The poster is laminated and comes with a velcro hanger for easy display.

Wherever you or your family need a little extra motivation, this will serve as a reminder.

Hang it in your workspace to inspire yourself throughout the day, or place it in a common area to encourage those around you to spread kindness.

Overall, this motivational poster is an excellent way to remind yourself and others that kindness starts with each and every one of us. With its gorgeous design, durable construction, and uplifting message, it’s sure to become a treasured addition to any space.

Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

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  1. Alyssa

    “Wonderful life coach and mentor! When I first met Judy we were both speakers at the Women Pet Industry conference and she was so positive in helping people grow and run their business with kindness and empathy.” Kristen K. Oregon

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