Affirmations For Success In Life


Positive affirmations are especially beneficial for people who struggle with negative, self-doubt thoughts and feelings. Affirmations are positive statements that begin with “I AM……”

They trigger the mind and actions to adopt a better tomorrow and future.

Affirmations strengthen your outlook, mind, and performance.

You will begin to think and act differently by repeating and visualizing a positive outcome.

They are presented in a beautiful 8.5 by 11-inch motivational poster you or your gift recipient will enjoy these positive words and phrases for years.


What Are Affirmations, and Do They Work?

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome negative thoughts and behavior. I promise you when you repeat them often and believe in them, you, too, can make positive changes. Affirmations have been an essential part of my success in life.

You might consider affirmations to be “woo-woo,” but imagine how many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health and strengthen our bodies. Affirmations are like exercises for our minds and outlook. If you have ever had to do physical therapy for an injury, you have realized how important it is to strengthen your muscles and tendons consistently.

Affirmations strengthen your outlook, mind, and performance. By repeating and visualizing a positive outcome, you will begin to think and act differently.

How to Use Affirmations for Growth

You may have noticed that many of these affirmations are helpful when things aren’t going your way, whether you’ve just had an argument with a friend or have self doubts.

Know that it’s okay to be sad. However, too much wallowing can be counterproductive and become a habit.

It’s never too late or early to say one or more of these affirmations. The best results happen when repeated aloud many times a day until it becomes an automatic action and a valued part of your subconscious thought patterns.

No matter your age or occupation, motivational phrases can work wonders and act as the catalyst for being a better version of yourself.


Even when you’re in an excellent mood, repeating affirmations can give you an extra confidence boost. Remember that, while effective, they don’t work overnight or immediately. It takes time and dedication to get the right mindset. Commitment and consistency to reading and repeating your favorite ones daily will bring rewards in all areas of your life.