What to Say in Death of a Pet-Rainbow Bridge


Animals speak to us in the language of spirit and love.

As humans, we learn to interpret our pets’ looks and non-verbal clues to know how to treat them when they are sick, want to play or need a snuggle.

Anatole France is quoted as saying, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  Chief Seattle is reported to have said, “There is no death. Only a change of worlds.” I agree.

All life is filled with hellos and goodbyes.

The longer we live, there will be a greater number of losses; of people, pets, things, jobs, seasons, etc. We must then learn to say a good goodbye.  By allowing the sadness of loss to be felt and experienced, we can rejoice in the lessons learned. Joy and memories are forever in our hearts.

No one wants to lose their pet. No one gets an animal expecting the death of that companion.

Beautiful artwork and a reminder of the life of our pet

People who have lost a loved animal search for ways to remember that association and maintain its presence in their lives. We all strive to at least keep the memory alive and pay tribute to the bond created.  We want to remember the deceased and maintain some of their life lessons in our daily journey.

Sharing stories helps us remember those good days and the joy the loved one brought to us. We may no longer physically be able to enjoy their fun and love in this existence, but gazing at this beautiful art print (11″ by 8.5″ horizontal, on high-quality glazed cardstock, ready to hang or frame) can remind us of the emotions and experiences we had together.

How Sharing Stories Helps Us Heal

Even when a loss isolates and separates us when it happens personally, we have all grieved. Loss and grief are universal emotions.

One goal of a good story is that the listener can build a picture in their mind of what you are telling them. We are all connected, and so your story becomes my story. My story reminds you of your own story and the stories of others you know.

Donald Davies, a North Carolina storyteller, and teacher said, “Stories have the power to heal individuals following a significant loss because they enable us to keep alive, honor, and bless people (or animals) who are no longer with us. The story enables others to meet someone whom they will never actually meet in their lives. Their story helps us process and understand our relationship with the person (or pet) whom we have lost.”

If you want to read a compilation of beautiful stories about pets and their families, you will want to order my book “I  Lost My Best Friend Today-Dealing with the Loss of a Beloved Pet”

You will be so glad you did.  Fondly, Judy Helm Wright–Author/Historian/IntutiveWiseWoman

“I Lost My Best Friend Today-Dealing With The Loss of a Beloved Pet”

For many people who lose their pets to death, the grief is more profound than it was for the death of a relative or friend. The pet represents complete and unconditional love, unlike many human relationships that carry hidden agendas and old resentments.

Each day spent with our pet is unique and brings joy to both the owner and the owned (sometimes it is hard to determine who owns who, do you agree?)

As pet parents, we need to find ways to deal with the grief that can help us during the difficult time of losing our best friend. This poem has been around for years, but always touches the heartstrings when our pet is no longer with us.

An artist friend created this poster to help our family heal from the loss of our beloved Rosie.  Can you imagine the comfort you or your friend will have as you look at the beautiful art rendering? It will serve as a reminder of the love and companionship of the fur family.

Dimensions 11 × 14 in

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  1. Alyssa

    ” Thank you so much for sending me this card. I can’t share with many others about how sad I am about the loss of my beloved poodle, Joanie. My co-workers think I am crazy. But, on the other hand, I inquire about their child’s cold and buy their stupid Girl Scout cookies to support them. It isn’t fair! Every morning I pray, ‘Oh God, please don’t let me start crying at work again. I heard someone call me a drama queen and say; it’s only a dog, not a child.’ But, to me, it is my child. I just needed someone to acknowledge my sadness. Thank you so much, Judy.” Kathleen J.

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