Connect With Your Young Adult Kids


Find creative ways to provide as much information as possible to properly inform the shopper without overwhelming them with words.

Do you struggle to connect with your young adult? This is often a rocky time for relationships as they struggle to become independent and yet still need to know you are in their corner.

Communication takes sensitivity, empathy, and resisting the urge to criticize or fix them. Words can trigger feelings, and sometimes feelings can trigger anger or resentment. Not at all what we were striving for.

This is especially true when texting. When we can’t see each other, they can interpret a message of love as a negative statement.

As loving parents and grandparents, we want to secure emotional bonds and trust with one another. These posters will allow them to know we have confidence in their ability to problem-solve and we are here if they need us.

Remember, they don’t need or want your Presents, but they do want and need your Presence.